Home sweet home

Elliot hopped off the bus and looked at his surroundings, Lucian joining by his side.
"Awful secluded isn't it?"
Lucian laughed,"What's up? Scared you'll be apart of the next slasher film?"
Pushing him away, Elliot went to get his bags and to see where they were lodging.
"They better have a gym and pool here, I will never forgive you if you brought me to a cheap hotel."
Elliot faintly heard Lucians complaint, lost in thought as he gazed at the building they would be residing in for the trip.
He couldn't help feel a shiver about the place, a faint siren in his primitive mind warning him.
"Geez, these old places are always so creepy, right man?"
After gathering their packs, Lucian draped his arm over his friend.
"Don't worry man, if the sawy monstwers come after you, at least try to distract them enough so I can get out."
Not finding the joke funny, Elliot stepped to the side quickly, sending Lucian crashing into the dirt.
This could be an interesting trip after all.

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