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Summary: Will do what it takes to make sure her school is the best.

Headmistress Lillith Coutere

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Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: Teachers



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Physical Appearance

Lillith has medium length brown hair that frames her heart shaped face. Her dark brown eyes leave a lasting impression and she only slightly shows some graying in her locks. She usually wears a standard makeup of class and wears the school colors proudly. She dresses sesnsibly and the clothes fit her only slightly above average build amicably

Personality and interests

Lilliths primary interst is keeping her school running cleanly with the best gpa possible. the school has a fine tradition of graduates going to ivy league schools and she wants to keep that record going.

She's pretty outgoing and laid back trying to be first a friend to her students. However when a student misbehaves they will see a stern side to her that most fear. A strict disciplinarian she is one you don't want to cross.


Lilly herself is a former graduate of the Academy and went on to get her doctorate in Education. Though she married well the marriage ended shortly before she became headmistress. At the time there were two up for the position but somehow Lillith edged out the more qualified of the two. The more shocking part is that other didn't even get the assistant head position as it went to a male instead. No one knows how Lillith got the job.

In truth she's had an affair with a high member of the governing body. She didn't let the scandal worthy sleeping her way to the top get in the way. She wanted the job and did what she needed to get it. Even if it meant blackmail. That and the scandal of the other candidtate being seen with one of her students whcih Lillith doctored up. In truth it was a plant by Lillith of a former student. But no one needs to know the truth.

Now she is doing what it takes to make her school succeed. The cuts to the arts departments was her idea as the drama teacher, is that other teacher in question.

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Image of Headmistress Lillith Coutere
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