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Summary: One time Queen Bee partially dethroned after a car accident.

Abigail 'Abby' Moss

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Seniors



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Physical Appearance

Abby has long, curly red hair that she normally has tied up for her cheerleading that match nicely with her hazel green eyes. Her cheerleading has given her decent muscle development despite her slim figure.

Following her recent car crash she has had to wear a cast that has been signed by many of her friends additionally she has bandages across her nose.

Personality and interests

Abby is the sort that likes to be the center of attention in a (normally) positive way. Although she clearly prefers to spend time with her close friends (mostly fellow cheerleaders) she is happy to talk to any student, even if they are just sharing pleasantries. When she does get upset though, she's the type to let everyone know this. This was most notable when she had a very messy break-up sophomore year and now following her car accident.


Abby entered the Academy her freshman year, just like her mom did when she was Abby's age. From there Abby became one of the popular freshmen and entered the cheerleading team and the choir. She kept herself on a strict diet and exercise regime that brought her up the ranks of the cheer squad before making co-captain her Junior year and captain her senior year (the other captain graduated).

A week ago, Abby was driving home from her friend's house, bad weather caused her to veer off of the road and hit a tree. She broke her leg and her nose, although she is expected to make a full recovery she has been told to keep off of her leg for at least a month. Officially, she is still part of the cheerleading team but she has had to step down from Head Cheerleader.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

Former Head Cheerleader
Soprano singer in the choir

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