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Summary: The Physical Education Teacher of the girls

Bobbi Jo Munroe

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Teachers

Class Taught(teachers)

Girls P.E., health class, self defense

Physical Appearance

BJ has medium length blonde hair that she usually wears in a ponytail. She is of average build and has a nice tanned, toned body. She has several tattoos as well.

Personality and interests

Bobbi, or as some call her BJ, wants to have a good relationship. She's had numerous that have ended in disaster. A devout lesbian she has recently began seeing some guys, mostly to get her sister off her back.

She loves racing as well, and often partakes on the weekends though not always doing so well. In fact a recent accident, left her unable to compete baring and investigation.

A total flirt, and jokester, she has been known to pull pranks on her fellow teachers as well as her students. HEr favorite is setting the clock so it stands still, making students feel health class is going too long.


An outstanding athlete back in high school, Bobbi received a scholarship for track. While in college though she gave teaching a shot and has never looked back. She is also an avid racer though a recent accident lead to a suspension and possibly losing her license. It sucks cause she had offers from several pro teams. She wants them to say Danica who?

It may be for the best though, cause she doesn't know if she could give up teaching. Since coming to the school she got them to implement a mandatory self defense class that starts this year, as well as starting a LBGTQ Society to help students not face the same issues she did.

Her social life has been chaotic as her sister still hounds her about being a lesbian, fearing Bobbi is influencing her niece, to abnormal feelings. So to keep that at bay, she's begun seeing some guys, even spending the night with some. Truthfully....she still prefers women.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

Self Defense, LGBTQ community

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Image of Bobbi Jo Munroe
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