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Summary: A hardcore gamer who takes that world seriously above all else.

Hunter Middleton

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Freshman



Physical Appearance

Hunter has medium length brown hair that goes with the soleful brown eyes. He is only about five ten and weighs 160 pounds in nature. Not very athletic in fact he has a no contact with sports association.

Personality and interests

Hunter loves video games and takes it a bit too seriously at times. And though he knows girls play doesn't feel they are as good as the guys. He does like them, though his past relationship over the summer ended due to him not paying enough attention to her.

Truthfully Hunter isn't the best in social graces. It's not his world, and he is totally clueless. Unlike his brother, who in truth Hunter can't stand cause of he's gay.


Hunter is the youngest of the Middleton boys, though has a younger sister by mom's new husband. Hunter and Spencer's father passed a few years back. Though Hunter sometimes says the new guy is his dad not wanting people to think he's anything like his gay brother. For years Hunter looked up to him, then Spencer came out and ever since Hunter has been ashamed to say they're related.

This summer his old school's team was in the championships while he was in Paris, and somehow lost. What made it worse, it was to the Skyler Prep school which he was becoming a member of. He blames the loss on his girlfriend at the time who kept bugging him. That and whoever the dude, AlleyCat is. The one player totally crushed his team by theirselves. It proved two things though. A, males are better as Cat decimated the team, which sadly had too many girls on it, and B, Skyler needed more players that had skilled.

Going into the new school Hunter hopes he can keep it a secret about the gay brother, but he doesn't think it's possible.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

HOpefully the Gaming CLub, any type of student media group

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