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Summary: A black belt in Karate torn between being popular and her passions

Tammy Miller

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Freshman



Physical Appearance

Tammy has medium length brown hair that frames her face with it's big doe brown eyes. Of average build and height she has a disciplinied toned physique

Personality and interests

For a lot of her life Tammy was dedicated to two things. Science and Karate. She has let both go, in an effort to be more popular. Though still loves both. Now she's more into the girly girl stuff like makeup and shopping, or haning at the mall.

She's not really been on many dates as her father was very strict on it. Though she has made out with a guy or two, during approved outings with her friends, that were really cover.

She does respect nature as well and wants to go vegan, but can't see giving up some of the foods she enjoys. She does at least once a week though, eat vegetarian only, counts right?


Tammy is the older of The Miller children and her father is well known in the martial arts circle being a champion during his youth. He passed this passion down to Tammy who became a black belt with her father as her Sensei.

Last year though things changed as Tammy wanted to fit in more with the in crowd. She stopped hanging with her old friends as she got into the in crowd. Some can be a bit catty at times, and out right mean, but they are the group to be in. It got worse when her folks split and she is now in her mom's custody. And of course mom, has a new boyfriend, who soon will be Tammy's stepdad. Over the summer she stays with her dad, but it's not quite the same. He seems to be down over the whole breakup. Though she swears she's saw him with a woman a few times.

Sadly Tammy was held back and her mom had a total cow over the whole thing. Now Tammy is off to Skyler Prep and she hates it. Just when she was beginning to fit in, mom moves her. Still, maybe she can fit in, and give her old passions a try again.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

Martial Arts, cheerleading, swimming, track, science club

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Image of Tammy Miller
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