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Summary: Appears to be a sweet innocent angel. Kicked out of last school.

Julia Mulligan

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Freshman


9 again(it sucks twice as much this year)

Physical Appearance

Julia has medium length brownish hair that comes to about her shoulders. She has doe brown eyes that helps her get her way with people. She is roughly five foot 2 and weighs 104 pounds

Personality and interests

Julia has a variety of interests, mostly which bottle to open next. She is a bit closeted on her sexuality due to her mom wanting her to marry a nice boy.

No way, Julia is into the rough types, like her older girlfrind. She can be a bit of bi**h at times especially around those she sees lower than herself. To her friends she can be quite pleasant to be around.

When she gets to drinking though, she becomes a bit too flirty, often not wanting to take no for an answer.


Julia felt life was perfect except for the occasional abuse from her older brother. It was only when he was mad, and he seemed really sorry to have done so, and well it had been a whole summer since he did it. She had been in the St. Theresa School for Girls when she got bored to death getting thrown out by walking naked through the halls then well, take the Lord's name in vain often enough around nuns and they'll call you hellspawn. That and wearing some Satanic makeup as well as blasting the DEvil's Music.

She did it so she could go to Skyler where she belonged. It was going well to mom got sick, then her world changed. She hooked up with a janitor at school who supplies her with all the booze and drugs she can want. She is a bit of an alcoholic and when drunk can get a bit too aggressively flirty. This behavior along with lack of interest in school lead her to flunk the year.

Over the summer her mom passed and dad sent her and Liam to Paris. It was great and she even met a guy there. Too bad he only wanted to play that stupid XStation thingie or whatever the hell it is. Who cares? She was more important and deserved all his attention. And he yelled at her for pointing it out.

Getting back she learned her dad not only hired a new maid, probably also sleeping with her, which Julia could care less about, but he was also going to send her daughter to Skyler. Skyler was for the elite, not some servant's kid.

Life sucks. Now anyone could go to Skyler. She wonders how many poor people will actually be going there now.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

Gymnastics team, volleyball player, basketball player, swimmer, also trying out for student council

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