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Summary: Alexa's cousin and best friend. Wants to make something of herself.

Janet Lorenzo

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Freshman



Physical Appearance

Janet has long brown hair that comes to just past her shoulders. She is a bit tall and she feels her legs look ganky. She has big doe type eyes and usually a smile on her face. She wears little makeup though.

Personality and interests

Janet is mostly interested in succeeding at school. She can be a bit of a social outcast due to it however. She prefers to take a book to parties, even when it's an attempt to get her to make out with someone. Nope, her partner that night was Mark Twain.

She is friendly to be around though, an only shows a more mean side, when someone hurts her family. She isn't a big fan of Tommy's ex, or whatever as she feels the girl is trouble.


Janet's parents died when she was young and why she came to live on the ranch with the main clan. Though Amanda has became like a mom, even not minding when Janet called her that, Alex won't hear of it. Though her sisters as she's them also enjoy her, especially Alexa. Some say Alexa got held back a year just to stay with her best friend.

She's always dreamed of one school though, and now just when the rest are going there, it looks like Janet wasn't accepted and will be just going to the public school as no way will Alex pay for a different school.

Within the last year, Janet also discovered she had a sister, well half sister by her dad. The woman is older but they have hit it off and she even gave Janet her dad's old camera. Janet cherishes it and won't let it out of her site.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

Newspaper, student council, photo club, that's it for now, more later, alexa is making me do cheerleading

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