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Summary: A poet who will make Tommy pay for breaking her heart.

Madeline Dumont

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Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Sophomores



Physical Appearance

Madeline has short raven hair with brown eyes. She isn't exactly the prettiest girl around but she's all right. She is of medium height and build.

Personality and interests

Depends on the day what mood Madeline will be in. She's usually pretty nice, unlice the jocks are making rumors about her again, or she's spent the night with one. Some days she is a bit gloomy thinking of the tragic event of a year before.

She does enjoy poetry and hanging with her friends. Though since last year that number dwindled to one, and that's cause they were always tight. Well, then there's family.


Madeline is the youngest of the Dumont clan and spoiled rotten. She knows she can get away with anything and often has. She was always a bit of a flirt, and always had a thing for Tommy Lorenzo. She knew she'd probably loose her v card to him, but dring last year, she dated the wrong guy. It all happened so fast and it changed her completely. The guy and his buddy raped her, though they claimed she wanted it. Worse the people at school believed it. When Ethan asked she just said it was a lie and said Tommy and her had sex. After she got real popular and just went with it as she was already labeled a tramp.

Though one of the two guys was expelled, the other she didn't know. She had a feeling this was Tristan's doing. Now though Madeline is often in a bad mood and has even thought of ending it. She has began using marijuana at times and even drinking, though not an addict yet. She just wants it all to end and to go back the way it use to be. The good news though, over the summer, her and Tommy began dating and are the it couple.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

Swim Team, track, works on paper

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