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Summary: The starting QB, and an arrogant type

Zack Robbins

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Seniors


Senior year

Physical Appearance

Zack has short blonde hair, and over the summer has let his facial hair begin to grow and has acquired a pretty good mustache and beard. He's a bit big at 200 and six foot four, but has a muscular frame. His dark brown eyes have been known to penetrate even the roughest exterior.

Personality and interests

Zack is a bit overconfident and it often comes off as arrogant, but he can also usually back it up. He tries to be good natured, except when hanging with his friends then he can often get up to his old jerky jock ways.

His interests is primarily get a scholarship to a school with a good football program, then get the Heismna, then go pro. Nothing else.


You want my history, buy my book.

Long story short, I was second string QB to the nitwit got expeeled over me. Now, I'm starter, case closed.

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Image of Zack Robbins
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