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Summary: Has a serious case of RBF

Autumn Sangha

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Sophomores


10th - Second Year

Class Taught(teachers)

Not a Teacher

Physical Appearance

Warm Golden Skin
Medium Length Black Hair w/ Purple Undertones
Soft brown eyes
Otherwise strong facial structure
Broad Shouldered
Athletic build
Large thighs
Small waist
Legs and arms are muscled from sports, stomach is pretty defined
Feature most associate her with is having a "nice ass" or "nice legs"

Personality and interests

Most think she's cold and they aren't really wrong. It's not an accident either; she doesn't like anyone but her best friend Lola and has a low tolerance for bullshit. When you're trying to excel there's no time for people or drama in her book. Won't hesitate to start a fight with some of the jocks but gets heated fairly quick with anyone. Likes being sarcastic and sticks to being independent. She's not familiar with largely populated areas and prefers to stay alone. She's very competitive mostly when it comes to sports which she's naturally good at but accepts losses as a sign she needs to work harder. Last year she scored multiple winning goals and has become respected among most athletes. In a perfect world she'd like to be part of the football team but it is highly unlikely even though she possesses the right talent and attitude.

She is very focused on school and almost never wants to sleep around, date, or even kiss anyone. In fact she's never done any of it and proudly so. History is her favorite subject but she excels in P.E.. Mathematics aren't her thing. She plays drums and takes pride in metal which really allows her to jam out with all of her heart. Might be her favorite genre and whenever she can she tries hanging out in the music room to blow off steam, usually during lunch. The teacher is cool about it.

When not in uniform she wears sweats, overalls, or some kind of close fitting shirt to maintain her tomboy-ish style. Fond of camo and darker colors. She has given up on caring about student's negative opinions of her, is pretty confident in her school work. Almost never does anything social besides playing with her team and attending the after game celebrations following a win. Even there she doesn't talk much and is usually thinking about homework or listening to some tunes. She is incredibly supportive of the scholarship program Skylar is putting into place.
In the end she doesn't like how uptight she appears but will go to any lengths to protect her team and herself, or anyone who deserves it really. She is incredibly loyal, determined, and supportive which makes her a good asset whether it's friendship or a team effort.

A sandwich enthusiast.


Born and raised in a rural area, she has two loving parents who live on a farm. She was raised on good morals and goals, living quite simplistic compared to most. They didn't use much technology at all and heated their house with firewood, reading and being active for entertainment, and usually lighting the house with candles or oil lamps. She learned to make her own candles as well as tend to the farm by a young age. Of course certain aspects of their lives were touched by the more modern age with things like phones but to them internet didn't really mean much.

Soccer and other sports is something Autumn took up for fun, and eventually music while they were in the city; she spotted a drum set in the window of a music store and begged her parents to get her a set. They did. She's found a huge passion in it. Her parents always wanted to get her a good education and had been eyeing the academy. She was a great kid and when the crops made it out of a drought and her father invented a game-changing farming machine, they became an incredible amount richer with him being an inventor. They weren't really on the financially stable end to begin with but put a good amount away for their daughter's education before their sudden wealth. With her grades and performance she hopes to find a great college and the money her family has will allow this when the time comes. Even with what they have they still live a simple life on the farm where they've hired help in Autumn's absence.

She does not take opportunities for granted if they will better her as a person.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

Skilled soccer player, a proud drummer for nothing in particular, Photography club

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