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Summary: Charming and chilled, down for most anything.

Shane R Wolfhart

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Juniors


Junior: Straight A student though she doesn't act it at all.

Class Taught(teachers)

Not Applicable

Physical Appearance

Long (6'2"), lean, muscular built, with next to no fat, small breast that tend to go unnoticed and one of the reasons she's often mistaken for a man when she wears clothes, though as soon as they're off there's no doubt she's all woman. Has a eight pack with a V, and her whole body, minus her head is cover in varying tats, most Joker (from Batman), Mass Effect, and Japanese themed. Enjoys male styled clothes varying from emo/scene/goth to simple button ups and Hawaiian shirts, and a look of geeky/otaku/gamer wear. Has at least a dozen scars hidden under her tattoos, the largest and deepest one running from her left shoulder down her back to curve around her right hip.

Personality and interests

Tends to be as laid back as can be, though she can have an anger problem thanks to her rage addiction also has a sex addiction that can become very bad. Can come off as a flirt Playboy that keeps people at arm's length with many dark secrets, but deep down is a loyal and loving soul that wants nothing more then to matter to someone.


She grew up in a broken, if not hazardous, home. Her father, Bruce Wolfhart famous New Orleans genius who built a technological empire from apps, games, consoles, computers and programing, was imprisoned for trying to kill his brother and business partner, Harry, after finding out about the affair he was having with Bruce's wife, Leo Zmey who was and still is one of the most renowned fashion designers worldwide.

And to make things worse, Shane's mother hated her, having tried to kill her and one of her twin brothers (Shane being one of a quadruplet) many times, and without her father to protect her it only got worse. Though, thanks to her father leaving her and her six siblings his company, even at such a young age, Shane was able to escape her mom for periods of time. Once of high school age she moved to Japan, where she was soon engaged to a woman that was not only the Head Mistress of her school, but the daughter of a well know Yakuza, and was taken in to the fold. Sadly at the end of tenth grade her fiancee was murdered, and while she still remains apart of the Yakuza, she was force to return to the country for multiple reasons.

Extracurriculature Activities/Clubs

SGA, Drama/theater

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Image of Shane R Wolfhart
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