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Summary: World class hacker with a neutral face, and care about very little though adores his twin sister.

Richard M Wolfhart

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Juniors


Junior, though if he wanted to could skip head.

Class Taught(teachers)

Not Applicable

Physical Appearance

6' 3", with ice blue eyes and black hair, like his twin sister, except his hair has a bit of a wave to it. His hair is a little passed his shoulders and almost always in a ponytail at the nape if his neck. Thin glass rest on a well sculpted face. He has a lean, but very muscular built. He wears top designer's clothes, his mother, Leo Zmey's to be exact.

Personality and interests

To those that don't know him, Richard comes off as a serious, hardass, type, but in reality he is a calm and caring soul. You could say that he has found inner peace, despite the chaos in his life. A genius like his father, though a quiet one that rarely speaks. Loyal to those he deems worth it.


Richard is one of Shane's twin brothers, but unlike his sister and their brother Jaycin, Richard is one of their mother's favorite, even though he makes it clear he doesn't care for her. Over the years since his father's imprisonment, Richard has become somewhat of a self appointed protector of his beloved older twin sister. Through out the years he has made quite the online personal as a world class hacker by the name of Angeliclup.

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Image of Richard M Wolfhart
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