Julia sit across from her brother and Maria as well. She had no idea why daddy insisted they all fly to the school together. Maria should be taking the donkey her family rode in on afterall. Or at least ride with Carlos to the school. At least though, her brother still hadn't gone all roid rage on her again. A whole summer and counting.

She looks at Maria then noting the green tincture of her skin and how she was cringing up. "What's the matter Maria, never flown in a Helicopter before?"

Maria was on the verge of vomiting to be sure, but it was cause she had a definite fear of heights. Thought the copter was enclosed it still didn't help to look out and see the ground so far away. She had tried to go to her go to in taking out her phone to check her socials but of course, no reception in the air. And she couldn't even work on hook ups either.

Liam also looks at her then his sister. "Relax Maria, least you haven't barf like the first time Julia flew in one."

Julia looks at him then wants to so hit him. "I did not, I was just sick. Oh...there it is, Skyler Prep. I bet we'll be the only ones coming in this way."

The pilot circles the lot before finding a safe area to set down at. He comes to open the doors and Maria is the first to get out kneeling on the ground. JUlia follows looking around then spotting Carlos with the limo. She goes over making sure her stuff is secure then looking at him. "You should have taken that to my room already Carlos.Now step to it." She begins walking away not noting the glare he gives her.

Liam just grabs his stuff and heads tohis dorm. Only bad thing is he'll have to get use to a new roomie as his old one got expelled due to that bitch Madeline. That bitch so wanted it itwasn't even funny.

Maria goes to the car to grab her stuff when Carlos stopes her. "For you it would be an honor. Not for the spoiled brat." He says it all in spanish and she laughs, then follows with "Gracias Senor."

They go to the rooms and after the rest leave Julia goes to her closet. Yup, same room as the last semester. Time to find out if Thena had been by. She pushes back the panel and sure enough she had a stockpile. She grabs a bottle of wine popping it open and drinking some. "To calm my nerves."

She begins going through the bags to look for her bikini the whole time drinking away. She made a point to find her lover later, but first, the lake, and boys.


Allison's journey was a bad one. The whole drive her mother just kept going on and on about how she wished Allison was more like she were, and not this ugly thing in front of her. A total waste of good genes and the like. Allison hated when her mother got like this but waht could you do. She swore by the first break though, Allison would find a guy to nothing else, pose as her boyfriend to shut her up.

Then comes the lecture on her computers and gaming. If mom only knew that after winning the championship last year, Allison celebrated with her team, and well she was the only girl. True, nothing happened, but still four guys and only one girl, had to count, right? She did wonder why they didn't want her though. Oh yeah, cause they had girlfriends, and the other two had each other. She still was privvy to a contest of who had the biggest junk, and she had to decide. None were too big so she just said, a tie. Only one challenged it and she thought he'd make a move, but then his girlfriend showed up.

She is so lost in the memory she didn't notice they had arrived. Allison goes about grabbing her gear carefully stacking it on the cart as her mother gets out. She hands Allison the card then kisses her head. "I'll see you around my child. I got a fashion shoot scheduled here later on this year, and I want Naomi to headline it. Make that happen will you?"

Allison kisses her cheek then begins going towards her dorm. Yeah right, her and Naomi never even talk. Naomi was caught in her own little world and it wasn't on earth. And talking...only with...oh no. She was looking at her phone and at the gamer club when she notes the news. The others were all gone. The two lovers were the shock but she understood. All guy school of course they couldn't resist. The others...oh, girlfriends transferred due to...oh, no wonder.

This so blows, now she'd have to find a whole new team, good bye back to back championships. Course last year, they barely won, and they were facing a Junior High team. As she sees the other girls in their binkinis and other revealing outfits she tightens up her hoodie not wanting to her the insults. It wasn't like she felt she was ugly, afterall, she did kiss one person once. Sure they wer both high, but her and Emma did kiss. And Em and Katie always told her how pretty she was.

As she heads into her dorm she decides this year would be different. She would be more out there and confident in herself. As she reaches her room she notes an odd thing on her door. Another name, what the hell. She goes in and sure enough there's bags in it. Not a lot, but way too many. She goes back out, then notes...oh...this was last year. She looks at her sheet, oh duyh, sophomore this year.

She goes to the proper room and sure enough single. Good thing as she did do the Headmistresses taxes. She puts her stuff down, then makes a decision. She takes off the hoodie, revealing a retro gaming shirt that was cut a little to reveal...not much she wasn't that bld yet. Time to rough it.

She goes back out to the quad area to sti. It was between the two dorms and it promised that all guys would have to pass her. If nothing else maybe she could meet some gamers. If best, maybe she could meet a guy who found her attractive.

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