The drive was rough as his beat up old car just didn't want to do it. Still it was a Corvette, andno way would he ditch it. True, it was a 79 but it had value. As he turns you can hear the Banquet bottles sliding around in back. He had to get rid of those. It was time to refocus afterall. But how, his daughter no longer wanted to train, though he felt she needed to. The last year was a wake up call with her failing the year. He was so ready to have it out with Brenda aoubt his daughter's futer to.

As he pulls in he notes one car tht stands out due to the name on the plate. Unless Ruch had other kids, that would be his ex demon. That meant, he had no idea, Tammy was enrolled here. Nice. Maybe...maybe they could rebond. As he drives through the lot he notices the newer model Vette and grins, wish I had that type of cash. Maybe, after a year, he could afford one, or a newer model Challenger, they were nice.

He fianlly finds a spot in what can only be the teacher's lot. He grabs his stuff then heads to the apartments where he had a place. After ditching his gear he goes to find her. There was no law says he can't see his daughter. As he gets to the girls dorm though he stops, he can't just go in there. Sure, back in high schook he would've but now, what if a girl was not right. He goes to the steps sitting down noting a blonde in the qiad. There was a girl that would be a good students he felt. He walks over smiling.

"You want to raise your confidence, I teach Karate, oh I'm a teacher, not a perv." He hands his card to her then ges to sit again. Man, he could really use a drink. No, not on campus, not anymore. He was trying to get clean for Tammy's sake.

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