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Tammy smiles a lot, actually maybe too much but she can't help it, she's a bit nervous. She had a huge crush to say the least, but at least Goldi, helped to ease that tension in a sense. She laughs when she should, then notes one bit in particular. "You think I'm...cute? Well you're not too shabby yourself."

HEr smile somehow seems bigger now, as she thinks on it. He thought she was cute, yes, she shoots, she scores. "Yeah when shadowing, not much to do really. Can practoce. but without a partner, not sure how it'd work in a tournament. Usually I trained with my dad, but he's...."

Her voice trails off spotting him. "Then again, maybe he is here." Shit, why now. She leads the way to him then bows. "Dad, how are you? You know mom's here and if she sees you may bitch."

Toby listens noticomg the guy she failed to mention. Though he loked familiar. "Well, I got a job here. Former student of mine arranged it. I wanted to drop by and say hi, but I got to meet Bobbi soon to go over the schedule. Take it your mother left, I hope."

Tammy doesn't miss a beat. "No, she's coming by ...shit, in a bit. Dad please, I got a tour to do. Tell her I'll see her...and Dick some other time. IN fact..." She hands him the bags, "Take those to my room please so I can get going. You're the best."

She then thinks of Jack. "You may know him already, but this is Jack Gomez. "

Toby looks the guy over, then recalls the name. "Yeah, you took that tourney I was in charage of. Actually recall you cause of how respectful you were. Took it myself back in high school. So yeah, you two get going. And if you want, I will be teaching Karate as well. Be great having my best student back. Well my only student last time, well there was Bobbi."

Tammy notes he mentioned Bobbi twice. Was he a buddy, or was dad, gay? She wasn't sure. "So wher eto first Jack. Let's hury, I so can't deal with mom right now. Oh dad its room 904 by the way."

Toby looks at her then. "Same as my apartment, small world. Shock on the n...oh, must be by grade. To help find them easier. Each year, probably has same end numbers."

Then it hits her what was wrong before. Dummy it was room 1004 your were at. Best not say that though.

Meanwhile in the other room Tommy is buys taking pics. "Well I would never touch his stuff, and these pics will probe it. May have to ask for a room swap though. Didn't know she was his girlfriend. THough better not put, thought sister."

He then takes his phone to call Janet. "Hey, how'd she look."

Janet sounds worried then. "They haven't got here yet actually. It's odd to. Even at mach 1 like you drive, they should be here. You think we should go look. I tried calling, but no answer. And Alexa couldn't turn her phone off if she tried."

It did bug him. "Hold up." He does his own check with cam and no answer. "Could be, out of range or low batteries. IF in an hour we go search."

He hangs up, then heads out. This was odd, then he spots the only two he knows. Great, they hate me, but this is big. He walks over noting the older man."Hey, have any of you seen a blonde, about yah high, or a brunette, about same height. NOw, no, not hitting on them, they're family and I"m worried. Enough to ask you two for help."

About ten miles away the limo is parked by athe road a blown out tire by it. Alexa looks at Cam again. "This sucks, phone's dead, and no sign of Brenda. How far can town be?"

Cam looks to her then thinks. "Maybe Tommy will see...scratch that. Unless we flash our boobs he dries to fast. Hey, desperate, we could show legs."

Alexa thinks on it then not. "And what if in exchange they want us to fuck them. Still, half hour, we go that route. Can't believe the car phone is dead. Bet dad did it, so mom didn't bother his so call meetings."

Cameron was too nice to say, or Amanda and her latest pool boy. She ppeers down the road thinking. "Wait, Ethan should pass as well. And he's alwayts liked you."

Ethan was nice, but well, she still recalled the Seven Minutes that never seemed to end. And that girl he droned on about. "Any other sibling, dad would send out a search party, me, not so lucky." She then spots Brenda. "And there she is. I think, pushing a tire. That's cold even for a sleazeball to make her walks back. Must be your brother."

Cameron laughs then goes to help. "Time to go NASCAR on this limo."

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