The 50 Cent Tour

Tammy smiles a lot, actually maybe too much but she can't help it, she's a bit nervous. She had a huge crush to say the least, but at least Goldi, helped to ease that tension in a sense. She laughs when she should, then notes one bit in particular. "You think I'm...cute? Well you're not too shabby yourself."

Jack is beet red now as Tammy complimented him. He was both nervous and embarrassed since this was the first time a female other than his mother gave him a compliment for his looks. Normally he was only idolized for beating people up in the ring.

Her smile somehow seems bigger now, as she thinks on it. He thought she was cute, yes, she shoots, she scores. "Yeah when shadowing, not much to do really. Can practice. but without a partner, not sure how it'd work in a tournament. Usually I trained with my dad, but he's...."
Her voice trails off spotting him. "Then again, maybe he is here." Shit, why now. She leads the way to him then bows. "Dad, how are you? You know mom's here and if she sees you may bitch."

Jack followed Tammy as he was unsure what was going on till he saw Mr. Miller greet Tammy. He quickly recognized him from his recollections with Tammy in his room earlier. However he was not sure what to say since it was a bit awkward with Tammy going on about her mom and Mr. Miller not getting along. So he quietly smiles patiently hoping to not make a bad impression.

Toby listens noticing the guy she failed to mention. Though he looked familiar. "Well, I got a job here. Former student of mine arranged it. I wanted to drop by and say hi, but I got to meet Bobbi soon to go over the schedule. Take it your mother left, I hope."
Tammy doesn't miss a beat. "No, she's coming by ...shit, in a bit. Dad please, I got a tour to do. Tell her I'll see her...and Dick some other time. In fact..." She hands him the bags, "Take those to my room please so I can get going. You're the best."
She then thinks of Jack. "You may know him already, but this is Jack Gomez. "
Toby looks the guy over, then recalls the name. "Yeah, you took that tourney I was in charge of. Actually recall you cause of how respectful you were. Took it myself back in high school. So yeah, you two get going. And if you want, I will be teaching Karate as well. Be great having my best student back. Well my only student last time, well there was Bobbi."

Jack waved at Mr. Miller as Tammy was dragging him away, while she was hoping to avoid her mother. Jack didn't want to cause any waves since Tammy was really trying to avoid her mother. He could understand that since he felt the same way about his mom's new husband, Cedric. In his heart Jack felt his mother only married Cedric for his money to help him finish school and college so he could begin his new life. However since he didn't want to rock Tammy's boat after getting on her good side so he tried to be polite to Mr. Miller.

Tammy notes he mentioned Bobbi twice. Was he a buddy, or was dad, gay? She wasn't sure. "So where to first Jack. Let's hurry, I so can't deal with mom right now. Oh dad its room 904 by the way." Toby looks at her then. "Same as my apartment, small world. Shock on the n...oh, must be by grade. To help find them easier. Each year, probably has same end numbers."

Jack: Nice to meet you sir.

After Tammy pulled Jack away he looked around to see where they were.

Jack: Well I can show you the class rooms and then move to the gyms. Since I am not sure which classrooms you are assigned to, I can still show you how they numbered them to make it easier to find. Oh and the gyms have numbers with letters to so be careful not to go to the wrong one. This place has a lot of gyms. By looking at the mats and equipment inside I saw they had a weight room, a few basketball gyms, a gymnastics gym, a pool, a volleyball gym and a few others I am not sure about. However I have a good idea one of them is to be used by your father for his Karate class. Though it does sound weird if he is working for his former student.

Then it hits her what was wrong before. Dummy it was room 1004 your were at. Best not say that though.

Jack could see Tammy was thinking about something that upset her so he tried to ignore it as he kept talking.

Jack: If your father is here teaching Karate then I wonder if it is co-ed or his former student is the girls teacher? Well I guess we will find out sooner or later. To be honest I am curious about taking your father's class, since I am not to interested in other sports. Also if we can compete in tournaments, we can travel a bit on the school's expense since many of the big ones are not here like the US Open in Florida. Also if we win a few tournaments in school we could pad our Applications for College. My mom told me many colleges look at our extra activities as well as our grades so I am curious if they have a science club as well. Since my skill set is limited I hope those two things will be enough to get me into any college.

Jack then showed Tammy where the classrooms were and how they were numbered so it was easy to find her classes. Then he showed her the gyms and pointed out how they gyms had a number and a letter on them. Then after showing her the music and art rooms as well as the cafeteria they headed outside to the lake. However it seemed to be crowded as many students were in their swimsuits having a ball. Some students were laying out and getting suntans, while others were flirting or playing in the water. It looked like a mild Frat party as they looked at the others. Jack was a bit nervous as he tried not to look at the bikini clad girls frolicking about.

Jack: Ummmmmm… I was not expecting it to be this popular. Maybe this is why it was so quiet at the dorms. I will leave it up to you if we stay or leave since I am new to this kind of scene. Don't laugh but I was a bit sheltered growing up.


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