Twin arrival

"Ugh, I wanna go back to Japan..." Shane whined to her brothers, Richard, who was attending school with her, and Mitchells.

"Hahaha, come on, sis, you haven't even give the place a chance." Mitchells chuckled back at his sister as he drove his mustang with the top down.

"I had a damn good thing going there! What am I going to do if my addictions get bad?!" Shane argued as Richard let out a heavy sigh. They been having the same argument since they left New Orleans.

"I'm sure you'll be fine!" Mitchells told her with a kind smile.

"Brother, please keep your eyes on the road." Richard sighed, with a chuckle Mitchell face back to the road while Shane continue to bitch. Likely as they pulled up to the school Shane finally stopped her bitching and just poutted, which honestly Richard preferred as he closed and put away one of his many laptops.

"So, Marcus said he did all the paperwork for you guys, and put the stuff we shipped in your rooms." Mitchells said as he got out and popped the trunk to get out their lougues.

"Yay... Almost forgot Marcus works here..." Shane groaned as she hopped outta the back and leaned against the car.

"Please stop whining, Nee-sama. I got you you're 'care package' from our Nii-sama in Japan. There's several bottles of your 'rising sun' mixes and plenty of sake and your 'medicine'. So man the fuck up." Richard growled as he shoved a large box at his sister before grabbing his stuff. "I don't need nor want your help, Mitchells, help the baby."

"OI! I'm older then you, you little shit," Shane growled at him before cracking a smile. "I don't need any help either, big brother. Have a good trip home." Shane chuckled as she grabbed her stuff and headed of the her dorm.

After setting up his gear Richard wandered around as he played his psvita, cursing at his game occasionally when he would get over runned by zombie as he play RE on the hardest level.

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