Round Two

The truck hit a bump which left her head quietly thudding against the padded surface, waking her from her uncomfortable nap. She was buckled and scrunched up weirdly to rest her feet on the seat, snoring away in dreamland until she was so rudely interrupted. Autumn grumbled before sitting up, straightening out her tank. They were parked in front of the Skylar after hours of driving.

"Another fucking year."

The lady who was driving let out a chuckle. "With an attitude like that it'll end up a bad one," she spoke scratchily, looking in the mirror at Autumn. Unfortunately her parents couldn't make the trip so they sent one of their farmworkers. The lady was nice, her and her son both worked for the family. He was at least a few years older than Autumn, around the age most seniors were or juniors at least. She never bothered to ask, really.

"What's it like up here?" Tate asked from the passenger seat eyeing the school with wonder. He'd been homeschooled all his life and his father was a retired teacher.

"Literally everyone sucks. They're so obnoxious and dramatic it's just... stupid. All of it. They need people who actually value education." She didn't even look out the window at her hell hole for the next couple years. The girl sent a text to someone before sticking the phone in her pocket and opening the door.

"Could be worse," he flashed a pearly grin before heading around to the trunk fetching a box. Autumn followed around, slipping the backpack over her shoulders. Tate set it on the ground and embraced her in a muscly hug nearly lifting her off the ground. The grey eyed boy smelled like sweat and popcorn which she found completely amusing giving he hated all kinds of corn. Then he hesitated to let go. She was really one of his only friends back home and really the only girl he even mildly liked.

"Farm's gonna be boring without you, you know." He gave her one more squeeze.

"You made it a year without me, it'll be no different. I'll be back and miserable again in no time. Besides we'll keep in touch with our handy dandy cellular devices." He slammed the trunk and Autumn went to his mother who'd stepped out.

"God, I'm so happy you take things seriously," she hugged the girl with a farewell kiss on the cheek. "But really, if you want to make things more enjoyable you need to be more positive and open, I know it's difficult." She laughed and rested a hand on her cheek, pursing her lips. "You're so beautiful and smart. Your parents really wish they could've been here. We're all so proud of you."

"It's not like I'm moving away."

"I know, dear, but you're their only child and you mean so much to them," Autumn could see a tear welling in one of her eyes. "Well you better be on your way now, don't want to cut into your free time." The woman got back into her car hastily but her son lingered, resting his arm on the top of the trunk as Autumn began walking to grab the box. Man she packed light.

"You think they'll take later enrollments?"

She picked it up with ease. "I mean it functions like any normal school so I guess?" Out of the corner of her eye she spotted a familiar face cutting around the corner of the main building, phone in hand. She was bikini clad and looked as if she walked off the cover of a magazine, a shawl tossed around her shoulders and sunglasses on her head. Leave it to her to walk around like that on a school campus. Jeez.

Autumn gave a nod to Tate, "See ya around."

He smiled and pulled open the door. It was easy to see he wasnt too thrilled about her leaving, had the same reaction freshman year too.
Autumn watched as the truck drove off down the curved road, turning to her friend.

"So even you have a hunk now?" Lola grinned.

"He works on the farm. What he is is your call, I'm not saying shit." Some form of a smile cracked at her lips when Lola gave her a side hug.

"I was just heading down to the lake and I'm so sorry I can't help you unpack. Wanna come with me when you're done?"

"Half naked surrounded by dirty water and hormones? I'll pass. You can't even swim."

"Two words. Bodies. Suntans. If I start drowning I'll get mouth to mouth."

"Okay suntan is two words technically since it's kind of a compound." They traveled down the sidewalk.

"And your kind of a bitch," Lola gave her a shove before setting into a jog toward the lake. "Have fun, I know I will."

Fun. Right.

A shiny SUV pulled up and she walked off in direction of the dorms quickly and upon reaching her room read the words on the door. She didn't personally recognize the name but another soccer player had the same one, so she was pretty sure who the pairing was.
Autumn claimed the top bunk and began unpacking her things, a bundle from her parents in the mix. They'd given her new headphones, some protein snacks and dehydrated fruit snacks, a stack of money for personal spending, and socks. God, she needed socks. Every time she turned around she lost another pair.
The headphones were great because her old pair totally didn't get caught in her drumstick and get the cord yanked out completely... these were one of the newest releases, wireless, soundproof, and shiny.

"Thanks for being trendier than I am dad," she chuckled.
The only other sign of technology in her possession was her phone and a charger, she tossed them into the large box and flopped onto her back after climbing the ladder, legs dangling over the side. She kicked her sandals off.

Maria & Autumn, read the door.

"Welcome home," Autumn grumbled and shut her eyes. This year better not be a bummer. As long as the boys and upperclassmen weren't complete jackholes and kept their distance things should be fine. As long as she kept from failing in math, even if she didn't understand the lessons one bit, it was fine.
At least she'd have soccer and like the year before, she'd be playing for a badass team who showed her a crazy amount of respect. And best of all, she got to kick ass in and out of games. Now that was real fun.

Spots, fight, dynamite
Let's go Skylar Leopards!

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