OOC - Character's story line

Hey Lady Pyra,

I was thinking of expanding the storyline for behind the scenes to involve the Head mistress. I based it on her need to gain influence and prestige.

As for Jack's story I was thinking Headmistress Coutere knew Jack's step father Cedric and was the one who pushed for Jack's enrollment at Skylar when she found out Cedric was trying to get Jack into a prep school and out of the house. Since she wants to increase her credentials as headmistress, she pushed for the Karate program at Slylar Prep School since Jack would practically guarantee many championships for the next three years. It would be easy to say she brought in Toby Miller for a similar reason upon Bobbi Jo's reference. We could say Lilith wants her programs to succeed to ensure her future as the Head Mistress since high academic marks and trophies make her look good before the Board of Education. So Lilith would have a reason to check up on Jack and Toby now and then. Since she controls the budget, she would be the one to push them to attending the US Open in Orlando, Florida this school year and bring back a lot of trophies to put in the year book and trophy case outside the gym. Jack is clueless about Lilith's true involvement, but doesn't mind competing for the school to pad his college application. Jack could easily bring home around six 1st place trophies at the US Open, but Toby wants the other students including Tammy to win as well so there is a lot of pressure on them. This can help bring Jack and Tammy closer, but she will need to eventually figure out he is clueless when it comes to moving past the friend zone.

As for Londyn's story I was thinking Headmistress Coutere knew Mr. Lipton and was the one who pushed for Londyn's enrollment at Skylar when she found out Mr. Lipton was trying to get her into yet another prep school. Since Londyn is not to bright and very spoiled, Headmistress Coutere made it a point to get her a private and stern team of in class tutors to ensure she passes and graduates from Skylar since Mr. Lipton donated several million to Skylar Prep School. This huge donation can now fund many of the Headmistress Coutere's programs like the Karate Program.

What do you think?

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