Making a Splash

(OOC: I like the ideas and yes, they all work perfectly, so let's go with it.Oh and Toby is both male and female teacher for Karate. As it's a Extracuricular activity it's ok this way.)

Tammy knew it must seem weird with her wanting to avoid her mom but well she just didn't want the good time to end. She looks at Jack as they do the tour. "Just things with my mom are complicated. Use to be cool, but I caught her cheating on dad before the divorce which is so wrong. He's been nothing but loyal and I still don't know if he has a girlfriend."

They walk as she takes it all in thinking of the competitions. "It would be fun. If dad is our coach then no way would he be a judge so I should be able to compete. Course...I've never done it. We just didn't have a lot to work with and I didn't want my dad trying to afford tickets to somewhere when the money could be spent elsewhere. The US Open was all expenses paid, only reason I was there."

She felt awkward then wondering what he would think now. "My stepdad is the one fronting the bill for all this. Though I think the new Headmistress had something to do with it as well. They are old friends, and they wanted me in a good school. Course, I"m also a huge science geek."

As they get to the lake it does seem crowded to be sure. She looks around then spots Goldilocks roaming around. "You know if he's here, we could go back to your room. No one said anything before, so should be cool." Then she looks around. "Or, guess we could sit by the water. I sort of have a bikini on underneath." Only cause she was told of the lake. "Or, if you like, maybe we could go get something to eat. I am a bit hungry. Haven't had anything since I left home this morning."

The helicopter was one of the studios and Naomi loved it. It was senior year afterall and she had to enter in a big way. She had it all planned out and no stunt double, just Naomi. She was a bit worried as one of her producers was coming out to see her later in the year about a sequel to the lesbian film. Naomi was worried it would mean seeing that homophobe again. Though the film sequel was also cause for concern. It would be after she was 18 and had both nude scenes as well as softcore porn in it. She wasn't comfortable doing either. To tell the truth, she wasn't sure if acting was even her calling anymore. But she was Naomi MItchell, what else could she do but act.

As the pilot begins to circle she signals to go higher. What was the worst that could happen. She knew the water well enough, maybe she would get hurt, maybe that would end her career. Oh well. She took the headset off as she began getting ready. Her belongings had already been delivered to her room of course, now was her turn to shine.

Wearing only a island print string bikini she steps onto the strut then makes the move. She does a dive straight into the water flawless as well. Need to really think of joining the dive team. As she comes up she notes the cheers from those who know her. And face it, who doesn't. She swims to shore then stands on the old rock looking out. "IT's I again, Naomi for another year at Skylar. My final year. And I had to go out with a Big Splash. Now, who is going to rub suntan on me?"

She goes to a spot where her crowd gathers spotting a towel laid out and stretches on it. She undoes her top so one of the ensemble could do the deed. Normally it was a guy, though she wished for once a girl would do it. Then it hit her. A way to possibly say goodbye to acting and maybe inspire others. To come out. It was risky, but what did she have to loose. SHe'd had to set up a press conference, do it right. Course, first, she should do so with her mom. The first town trip was later in the month and it would be a way to talk to her mom in private.

The dorms were a bit confusing but Maria thinks she finally figured it out. She finds her room and goes in with Carlos in tow taking her bags. He sets them down then smiles at her. "Gracias Carlos. Now go take care of Julia, before you get in trouble."

Carlos looks at her pulling out a envelope. "Miss Julia, has already been taken care of. You have my full attention. This is from all us staff. We are so proud of you Senorita Maria. You're the first to be treated as an equal by the family. It is a huge honor."

Maria looks in the envelope and is about to say something when Carlos leaves. "It's too much. But I guess it's okay to accept." She turns then notes the other girl in the room. She looks at the top bunk noting it was taken then at the bottom. "Bunk beds? I would've thought the school would've done it different."

She makes the bed then looks again at her roomie. "I'm Maria by the way." She begins to unpack searching till she finds her bikini. "You going down to the lake?" SHe begins changing then checks her phone. Nothing. "Man, thought sure my old friends would've texted me."

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