Joey pulls up to the school in his Shelby Mustang then looks at it. This definitely was the land of milk and honey, and they would pay well for what he had to offer. It took some doing but he finally got accepted into the school. Mostly due to his outstanding grade in chemistry. As well as the few sports he played. Most were shocked at how good he was a b-ball. Usually cause most overlooked him due to his size, which lead to a lot of open looked three pointers.

He grabs his dufflebag and skateboard then heads up. As he walks he notes some beautiful ladies and he walks up. "Hi, Joey P. Donato at your service. The P stands for Pharmacy. You need anything, let me be your guide, to the high life."

They look right through him for some reason then he hears a bike. Okay, this was awkard. Then a hand grabs his shoulder and he's spun around facing, oh man, the most gorgeous blonde with some hot boobs looking at him. Then not so nice as she grabs his junk. Squeezing hard. "Hey, buy me dinner first babe."

Athena stares him down, squeezing harder, 'Get this straight right now, this is my school. Only one they get their party favors from is me. Got it, shortly."

Joey looks at her then gasp.s' Surewhatver you say. How about performance enhancers?"

Thena looks at him then smiles. "Go ahead, only those. Anything else, next time, I cut the fuckers offs."

JOey feels her grip lighten then he nods. "Sure thing." He runs to the male dorms then to his room. Fuck, with that psycho bitch around he was doomed. Wait, she said the school. It meant, the town was available to conquer. Score one for Joey P. Donato, the P stood for Playboy.

After making the deal Thena begins haeading to the dorms to see if Julia was there. Then she spots another. One who made her forget about her whatever the hell Julia and her were. She walks up to Shane loving the view. "Hey, you must be new, cause I know I would remember a totall hotty like yourself. I'm Athena, and if you need anything I'm the gal that can hook you up." She looks at the girl. "You want help to your room."
Allison takes note of the card the guy gave her. Karate, well maybe. She did play a lot of Street Fighter, and Ryu was her favorite. But her and physical activity had never been on a first name basis, and she sucked at them. Still it would look good on college transcripts. Worse could happen is be told she sucked at them.

Then she spots a guy playing a game and she felt here was one for the team. She listens instantly noting the game, RE for sure. She goes over not even noting really it was a rather extremely good looking male just lost in the moment. "What level you on?"

As she looks at him, she does note his attractiveness but also she felt she knew him somehow. Some reason her mom came to mind as well. Maybe just knowing he was a guy she would constantly tell Allison she'd never get. That guys like him weren't into gaming chicks. Still, it was a chance he would be.

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