Richard looked up and smiled at her as he passed the game. "The damn level where that bastard Simons turns in to a damn T-Rex." Richard laughed as her tilted the game to her so she could see. "Normally it wouldn't be too hard, but it's on the hardest setting and I keep running out of ammo and I have to npc partner set not to do anything." Richard shrugged, "you a gamer? Could always use gamer friends, especially since my Nee-sama has been getting pissy when I kick her ass a dozen times over."


Shane smiled bright as she bites her bottom lips slightly as she looks Athena up and down. "Athena, huh? Greek Goddess of Wisdom and War, I like it. Though," she mused leaning in to speak in Athena's ear so her breath brushed it, "I'd say Aphrodite it more accurate." With a chuckle she pulled back and adjusted her dad's old military duffle bag on her back. "I'm Shane, and sure I'd love 'help' to my room. Also when you say anything, to you mean party favors as well?" Shane asked with a killer smile and a raise brow.

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