Guess we're stuck

Tammy was enjoying the time with Jack. She felt for him being a guy as they were too easy spotted when aroused, if it was as easy with a girl he would note, she was definitely feeling the same. But not by the guys around her in swimming attire, no, only for one.

She thinks of the tournaments then it hits her. "Well, at least, if dad's is our sensei for the school, I should be allowed to enter. So a plus. Then again, I may totally bomb at it."

She listens to him talk lost in his words and smiles a bit when he says they shouldn't go back to his room. That was a quality she really enjoyed about him. Most, would definitely have done so, and tried to have her naked ten seconds later. Not him, it was nice. As he continues to talk she begins to realize, he really had lead a sheltered life. And probably no clue how she felt.

When he brings up about not a girlfriend, she knows she needs to do something. Then Londyn walks up. At first she thought perhaps this was a "girlfriend" and it was a stunt like some of the other guys she dated. Then she notes, it's more a person helping anohter situation. After Londyn leaves she moves closer to him.

"Well Mr. Bodyguard Man, looks like we're stuck fo rnow. Though about the girlfriend thing." She leans in to kiss him, after she smiles at him. "Well, I don't think that's a problem Jack."

Athena takes time to look Shane over liking the way she talked. "You know, surprisingly, no one has ever used that line on me before. Maybe though, you're the Aphrodite."

She looks around then as the party favors are brought up to see if anyone is near. Seeing no one she winks. "The favors and the party for you sweetie." She leifts up a bag then and begins going towards the dorm. Looking at Shane she thinks. "Guessing a junior, maybe senior? So, either 11 or 12 hall then."

It was great cause it meant she could avoid the Niner one, and Julia. SHe liked the girl, but the girl just wasn't into commitment, nor, for that matter, really hanging out with Thena. Hopefully this one will be different. "So, new here? Know would've recognized you from before otherwise."
Naomi looks up noting a familiar voice as she lounges out. Then she spots the girl. "LOndyn, is that you? Over here girl." Of course they knew each other from the times Naomi had spent at the Lipton, as well as a few parties. When you had money, yu hung out with money afterall.

Naomi knew the girl could be a bit, well, let's say not the brightest, unless drunk, then it was like a light bulb ging off, but she was fun to be aroun. And she reall7y could have a heart of gold.

Now came the wait, to see how long it took Londyn, to a) see her, b) know how to get to her, and C) recalling her. Ok, could take a bit, but well, firends , well friend would go to her, but well the sun and all, and needing to look her best.
Allison looks at the screen then winces. "Been there before. I got through it, but usually due to a mod I used. Standard hack really." The good times to be sure. "Granted, one time, I was really deep into it, before my mom, yanked it from my hand saying to go out and get some sun. As if."

She knows he is definitely a guy, but somehow, this was her element. Conversation or no, they were having it. Yet, she sucked at social interaction. Though , this was technically gaming interaction.

Whgen he mentions the word she thinks, hoping to be correct. "That means sister, right? Bit off, been awhile since been out of the US. Well, France, but who counts that. I sure don't, fashion show for my mom." And one nightmare to be sure. Best to forget it. All it was was a way for mom to run her down some more.
Tommy was about to give up hope, when he spots the limo pulling in. Okay, crisis averted, unless they see me, think Tommy. Need inspiration. Then he spots the girl moving towards the main building with a camera. Hello inspiration. Okay, think, oh, too easy. I know cameras, if I don't, Janet nd Willow do.

He foolows the girl then steps in her path. "Excuse me, but do you know the way to the darkroom? I have this photo I need to develope of my cousins, to surprise them with. Maybe, you could help." Luckily he did have his camera with him. He had planned on putting it in the girls dorm with a wire, but well, this works too. "I'm Tommy by the way."

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