As their lips part Tammy looks at Jack noting his reaction to it. Watching him she was pretty sure it was his first one. She thinks back to her own and the way she felt, though it wasn't as good as this one. Not even close. Maybe cause that guy she didn't really like, and she well, Jack, Jack was one she was crazy about.

She looks into his eyes then. "That, wow, huh? Wow is good." She herself felt a little tounguetied for a odd reason. Guess she really did like it...a lot. "Wow is definitely good. And, that...that, was something I hope we do a lot more of. As boyfriend, girlfriend."

SHe looks around for Londyn but no clue where the girl was. Not in that sea of bodies. So, they wouldn't be moving any time soon. Probably a good thing. First kiss, legs might be like jelly, and Tammy isn't sure she could move herself at the moment. "As for friends, no worries there. See, my old ones, don't speak to me, my friends from last year, I don't talk to. And the only people I know here, are you, Goldilocks, and Londyn. Oh and my dad, but we just won't talk about this with him, now will we?"

Technically in his eyes, Tammy wasn't even sure if he'd be cool with her dating. Mom could care less, that she was sure on. Afterall, mom gave her those things last year. Like Tammy would even think of that. The right guy, maybe. But not those guys. Arrogant, cocky jerks. Like Goldilocks. No, she wanted a nice guy. Like Jack. The boy she had been dreaming of, since the first time they met.

"Honesty time Jack. I've wanted to do that, since the first time we met. Since then, I've thought about you a lot."
Naomi watches Londyn for a bit smiling brightly. Poor thing, looked like a deer in the headlights. She was a real sweetie, but not necessarily the brightest, at least sober. Naomi did recall that night she had a few too many, and Londyn seemed like Einstein. WHo knew, booze can do that to someone.

Soon she takes a selfie with Naomi, then wanders off. Then...yeah, good old Londyn, takes a bit but it comes to her. Then she comes back and the name nearly makes Naomi laugh. Yup that's her, No Amy. "Close Londyn, it's Naomi. And yeah, that film is how we met. When I was staying at the Lipton. Thing is, next film is going to be shot in your city so most likely I'll be staying there again."

If Naomi even did it. SHe's hoping that when she comes out it will be the end of that life. That, or the start of a new one for her. Though again, first was her mom of course. that would be the hard one to tell.

SHe thinks then and knows she needs to tell Londyn about later. "So, anyway Londyn, tonight is the Back to School Blast out here by the lake. And I know, my best friend, you, will be there. We love parties right?"

At least Londyn had no clue when Naomi was a bit too drunk and tried hitting on her. It was probably a good thing, she liked Londyn, but not as a girlfriend. Guess, she'd want someone, well, not so into the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous. Fat chance finding that at this school. Still, Skylar was home to her. And if lucky, she'd be attending the Skyler University next year. Nice how the two schools were near each other as well. It was awesome.

As Autumn changes, Maria looks to her phone again then cringes. "Oh no, my old bestie just posted a pic of her and her new best friend." She looks to her roomie then. "Would you mind if we took one? To show I'm not bitter." She doesn't wait really for a response and takes the pic anyway. She then looks at the swimsuit Autumn is wearing liking it. "I so wish I though of a one piece. I got my bikini with all my friends cause they all had them, but I was afraid to. Afraid of the message it would send to the guys. I don't mind hanging with them, but I'm really not ready for a serious relationship." Mainly cause her ex dumped her for not putting out, but no need to say that.

Reaching the lake she sees it's a madhouse to be sure. "Guess, everyone has the same idea. Guess, shou'dve went out to the pitch and practiced. Though to be fair, most are around the lake, not in it." She looks around noting some inflatables. "Oh a inner tube. Perfect.' She goes over then puts it in the water before climbing on. "Think enough for both of us. Unless, you got someone else to meet. I won't mind." She then takes her phone out again, and a thought occus to her. "Oh, I got an app I'm working on called hook ups, but I think I got a second one now. Meet Ups, to help arrange study dates and get togethers with friends. If I can figure out the coding that is."

This girl was just blowing her mind. It was no wonder she had forgetten Julia. Not like the younger girl would be in a sober state for fun anyway. No, she probably found that bottle of the good wine and is either halfway, or completely through it by now. This one though, this was a keeper.

"Yeah, I recall my first year here, I thought it sucked big time. Though when I was expelled, I thought it was the end. Luckily this new dean liked me enough to help me out and get me a job as a janitor. And I still make buck doing what I did to get expelled for."

Listening to Shane talk Athena is thankful they get to the dorm rooms. She finds the one quickly, and uses her master key to unlock it. Going in she makes sure the door is shut behind them. "A quarter a gram, so what do I have to do to get that price. Hell, at that, I'd be making serious profit margins. Course, I'd have to test it first. And wgat all are we talking, cause I also bank heavily with pills. Rich people and depression, right?" Then she thinks of one of her best clients. "And of course, need plenty of weed. For the dean's student-teacher moments."

She looks at Shane then. "So, if you need anything I can hook you up. I can even put in a secret spot to stash it at. The assistand Dean is a real hard ass about the shit. Probably no clue, of his sister's probs." She moves closer then. "So, being you are the most amazing thing here, think I need to test something else."

She leans in to place her lips on Shane's, knowing it would be right. A perfect kiss, for a perfect woman. And from what she was seeing, Shane was indeed perfect.

Allison smiles with his views on mods and cheating. "I feel the same really. I only do it, when got a guy who is acting a jerk saying girls can't beat them. Though I admit, more pleasureable when I do it cleanly. Hell, last summer took out a whole tema basically by myself. Came down to me, and four of their members. One nearly got me, but left his flank open, to easy to dust him off then."

As he mentions hsi mom and the measures he goes through she feels for him. " I would turn my phone off, but that would require me to go into a seizure for turning it off. So, I just answer it, sit it on the bed, and every so often say, sure mom. Not what I wabt to say, but something tells me, telling her to go fuck herself, will get me into hell quick."

She llooks around then. "So, want to go grab a bite to eat? Best thing about first day, is everyone goes to the lake. Leaves the food stands empty. And, we just happen to have a Sonic here. Think Naomi got that for us last year. Something to say about celebs. In townthey have some better places, but sadly we can't go till appointed days."

She laughs then. "Course, this being the first day, we can technically leave campus. Though does require wheels." And her car wasn't there yet. Her cousin Katie had borrowed it fir the summer. "And about your mom, at least she wants you in them. MIne, would have me be in it, just to say it's a waste as no one will buy anything I'm wearing, and I should put a bag over my head."


Tommy has to admit this was a different approach but it may work. "Yeah, just transferred in. Old school just wasn't cutting it." Mainly cause if he went back, he'd kill the guy he got in that fight with. And the whole stupid football team. The way they were talking about not only Madeline, but Alexa as well. No one did that to his friends or family. No one. Thinking of Madeline causes him a bit of pain. He should've done things differently. But no way would he be able to swing her and another girl, with them at the same school now.

As they head to the photo lab he thinks. "Yeah, I should've known right where to go. My cousin is suppose tobe working here now. New photo teacher and all. You may have heard of her. Willow Watkins. Been in a lot of the big publications. Won a few awards." Looks hot in a red dress and he wasn't that closely related toher it wouldn't be weird. Stop it, focus on the objective. "So, you been going here awhile?"

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