Making it happen

Shane s.irked when Athena leaned to kiss her and took hold of her chin and kissed her sweetly for a moment before deepening the kiss as her arm wrapped around the other woman, lightly gripping her behind, her other hand moving from her chin to her hair. After several minutes Shane pulled away with a sweet peck on her nose. "We should probably discuss business first before I wear you out." Shane with a wink. "The 25ยข is a special price for you, if you help me out, it's suppose to be a dollar. Boss Shirt gets it all free, including pills. But nothing hard core like meth or herion, him and I both agree on that. But anything else, including weed, cocaine, pills, whatever, we gots. And as for the helping me part, there's a Chinese place in town, were we're based, you can pick the stuff up there plus stuff that's for me from Japan..." Shane explained as she sat on the bed pulling Athena into her lap to run her hands all over her. "I have samples of almost all our stuff, I do t really mess with pills myself unless perscrided." Shane chuckled and added, "but I can give you those later, along with my contact's number if the shits to your liking, if you'd rather sample me first." Shane purred nipping at her chin.


Richard comments nice at her smoking a team by herself and when she mentions the phone part and her mom he says, "why I have a secret second phone. I can get you one if you want to avoid her... Not that I'm promoting that! Just sometimes it's nessecary... And I'd love to grab a bite. Sonic sounds great, love them, they have the best floats. But if you want to go off campus my cousin that works here dropped my sister's bike here, I saw it when we arrived. Up to you." Richard said with a soft smile.

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