First Day Jitters

Life was bad enough for Tammy with starting a new school. So of course the Rents had to make it worse with another fight. If that wasn't bad enough the step brood just kept badmouthing her father. Toby may have his flaws but he also had honor, which was something they lacked.

Now she was on the road to this Skylar prep, which thankfully isn't where the Brood went. Nor sadly, did any of her friends. In some ways this was good, but there were a few she missed. During the drive she just listens to her music as her mom used the opportunity to tear apart her dad.

As they near the school, Tammy reaches in her bag to take out the headband her father wore in school. It drove her mom nuts which is why she did it. When they reach the school and her mom sees it, Tammy smirks at the fire in mom's eyes.

They walk to the dorm in silence then stop at the steps. "Tamara, take that off at once. It goes against the dress code. Now find your room, while I go talk to the dean."

Tammy doesn't speak, just heading in. Mom, so clueless. The code only applied to classes. She fins her room and just tosses her bag on one of the two beds.

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