Fresh start

The drive to the school was ok, even if he did have to drive Janet. To make it up he fixed her up with Joey. Sure, Tommy could get his roids, but this was pure revenge. As they got to school he just told Janet the rules. Here Tommy Lorenzo didn't exist, but Thomas Michaels did.

That lake outside was full of serious potential for his love life. Afterall, plenty of bodacious babes in bikinis. It was true he wanted to focus on school, but that was later on, for now time to party.

He's about to leave when a wall slams into him. Looking up he realizes, this must be his roomie. "Sorry."

The wall goes to Tommys bed tossing his stuff to the floor. "My spot Goldilocks."

Great, so another bully as a roomie. Tommy eases out the door noting the other name. Too easy. And he'd just have to talk to the dean about a change. "Whatever,._.Oh you must be Jerk."

With that he flees losing himself in the throng of students around the lake . So many, super sexy bods gracing him in their lovely wardobe.

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