Dead Man Walking

Ethan had waited over an hour before learning Madeline wasn't home. Great, one guess where though. He climbs into his truck speeding over to the Lorenzo ranch. As he pulls up he spots her out front.

She climbs in crying, glancing towards the Lorenzo butler. Ethan notes Tommy's ride was no where to be seen. Going to the road he looks at his sister. "What's wrong?"

Madeline knew Ethan ETHan would never believe the truth, and she wanted Tommy to pay for what he did. Only one way. "Last night we were drinking, and it was late. So I agreed to spend the night, but not sex. Tommy though, you know him, wouldn't take no for an answer." As she said it she felt the truck speed up.

Ethan knew Maddie gained a rep last year for a similar claim, but he believed her. With Tommy it was a harder sell. He knew they'd been together most of the summer, but a woman had the right to say no.

Eth is furious to say the least and has no idea what he'll do. He's so upset he doesn't notice the limo on the side of the road with some familiar faces.

Reaching the school he parks in the student lot. "Tristan already brought our stuff up. I'll see you around."

He waits for her to leave spotting a familiar Vette. He takes a bat from his rack, goes to the car and smashes the taillights out. He returns the bat, then goes on the hunt. Tommy better enjoy his time, for he's a dead man walking.

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