Twins Arrival

(Good to have you back LadyPrya ^w^)

"Are we there yet? I hate riding in the car... Why couldn't I just follow on my bike?" Shane groaned for the upteenth time, much to her brothers' annoyance.

"Just be grateful we brought them in the trailer." Richard huffed as he worked on one of his many self built laptops.

"Now, now, she just gets carsick, Richard, she probably doesn't feel good." Their older brother commented, trying to defuse the fight that was no doubt building. Again. "And it's too long of a trip from New Orleans for a bike, little sister."

"Whatever." Shane grumbled. "Marcus set our rooms up, yeah?" Shane asked as she sluched in the back seat.

"Yep. You're gamer paradises are all set up! Even you obsessive Mass Effect merch, Shane." Their brother laughed.

"Good. I like falling as sleep looking at Liara." Shane muttered as they pulled into the school. "Ugh, about bloody time!" Shane groaned, hopping out over the door before the car even stopped. Shane help her brothers unpack the bikes from the trailer before Richard tossed her their dad's old military duffle bag she loved to use and a from Japan. "See ya, Nii-chan, thanks for the ride!" Shane called from her shoulder already walking away as Richard strapped on his laptop bag and pulled out his switch to play.

"Not even a hug." Their older brother sighed.

"I'm not giving you on either. I'm still mad you guys fucked with my shit." Richard stayed planly as he walked away playing Resident Evil.

"Love you guys too." Their brother chuckled with a shake of his head before heading off.

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