New Home

(Glad to be back. Glad to see others for most part listened. Except Johnny n Tammy. Oh well)

It was another sold out show for Amber and after she signed a few autographs and one fan even kissed her. As she got to the limo and begun the transformation into Becky Sue, she felt jealous. Amber often had people throwing themselves at her, but Becky had never been kissed. It seemed weird thinking that way, but they were two totally different people.

Soon the limo arrived at the strip where the plane was to whisk her off to Skylar Prep. There the only one who knew the truth was the Headmistress. On the plane she watches one of Naomi's films. That girl was a true goddess and was responsible for the feelings she's been having. Before she just felt like she was different, not having those feelings, then she saw her first Naomi film, and things changed. As the plane touches down and she descends she sees the beat up old truck of her dad's waiting.

She rushes over and he lifts her up hugging her."How ya doing Moonbug?'

For the longest time she hated the nickname, now though she cherished it."Missing all of you greatly."

During the drive they catch up and Becky is feeling homesick. As they pull into the school she grows worried. Her agent said everything was ready but still, her roomie could find out. Best to tell her._._eventually. She gets out grabbing the duffle bag then her dad hands her another."From your mom, make sure to share."

She hugs him again, already tasting the goodies in her head. She heads towards the girl's dorm her song Not Okay playing in her head. High School, a new experience, but will her hopes of a normal life come true?

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