A new year

The ride was painful for Julia and her head was killing her. The night before she was once again a victim of Liam's rage out. She worked hard over the summer perfecting her tan now it was ruined as she couldn't sport a bikini cause of the bruises.

Summer was bad enough as it was. With mom dying, life was a hot mess. Then there was that guy she dated who'd rather play his stupid video games than her. The only good thing was this hot babe she met in Cancun.

As she sits she looks at the roid monkey. Why did he hate her so? Things were gteat before mom got sick. Looking at him he was no doubt fantasizing about Naomi again. As if she'd ever give his ass a chance.

Then her gaze lands on the outsider. It infuriated her that daddy was paying for a lowly servant's daughter to go to her school. But Julia had a way to lash out.

"You know your pink hair is against the dress code, right?"

Maria looks at her with that stupid fake oh so clueless look. "it's no dif than a normal dye job or highlights."

Julia smirks. "Highlights aren't allowed. See that color causes bad thoughts. But you wait."

Upon arriving Julia exits knowing Luis would bring her things. Once in her room she goes to her closet removing the fake panel pulling out her kit. "Hello Jack, my old friend." She takes a long swig from the bottle followed by a handful of pain pills.

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