Cartel Princess

The jet ride had been long and Lauren hated it all. For the first time ever, she was away from her homeland and it wasn't just a vacation. It was some lame prep school in Trumpville or thereabouts. Didn't her Papi know the Prez was building a wall to keep them out.

As far as she was concerned there was only one good thing about this area. Julia Mulligan, the girl she dated over the summer came from this area. Though what were the odds of seeing her again? A glance at her mother put Julia on the back burner. As far as the Rents knew she was straight. It disgusted her thinking of men. No thanks.

The limo took a very scenic route but Lauren understood. Her Papi was the head of the Cartel afterall, and there were those who would target her to get to him. Still it was refreshing when at last they pulled up to the school. Thankfully her mom just said goodbye after dropping off her things. On the way back though she spotted two girls kissing, and made a rude comment. Lauren was thankful to see the limo drive off as now she could be herself. First gone is the wig, she shakes out her green locks and feels whole again. Soon a hot latina with pink hair walks up and Lauren licks her lips.

Maria looks at her then points to her hair. "I hear our hair color is against the dress code."

Lauren only has one response."Fuck that. I don't adhere to the normalicy of the boringg ass social elite."

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