Nice scene

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Thena was just out riding as she of course arrived early. Had to keep her customer base happy. Most required new space to new rooms, Julia was only one the same. That one she added extra hearing about her mom.

As she pulls into her spot she notes the bevy of bodies around. Most did nothing for her as she didn't care for. Hell she only got into Julia cause of the girls fam probs. Then she spots a couple that stood out. That hot babe with green hair stood out and._._hello.

She rushes over to Shane smiling."Hey gorgeos, need help finding anything?Name's Athena, and if you need anything I'm your gal.Anything at all." She sizes Shane up as she says it.

Steve turns off the Interstate in his Audi looking at his daughter then."You going to do thiss all year Antoinette?"

Toni just wants to throat punch him."First it's Toni, second, yes. As long as you make me go here."

Steve turns down Skyler Lane."I was ok with you going to public school, but you blew it princess. Now get use to it. And keep in mind there's a dress code. I got you skirts and you will wear them. I got a rep to maintain."

As they pull up she jumps out."YEAHYOU WEAR THEM MR, FUCKER!" She slams the door losing herself in the crowd.

Lovely, she will listen or else. He grabs her luggage then sees Athena. "Ms. Gold, can you please put these in my daughter's room?"

Athena wants to tell him where to go, but seeing the outburst think daddy issues daughter will like her as a friend. "Sue thing Mr. Tucker."

She watches him walk off then grins."Even his kid can't stand the douche, how pathetic."

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