Why Hello

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Shane smirked at the woman, Athena. "Anything, huh? Well, I guess I could use some help finding my room... and then maybe my bed, and testing it out?" Shane chuckled, winking at the end before moving to box to o e arm and holding out her hand. "Shane Wolfhart, at your service. And yes, Wolfhart as in the huge tech company, Wolfhart Industries." She introduced herself with a light smile.


Richard sighed as he made his why through campus, scoping it out while gaming on his switch, getting the lay out memorized. Something that was very easy with his multiple graphic memories. This was, hopefully where he would spend the next two years if his sister doesn't screw it up. He was a bit tired of always bouncing around. But with his father gone he dubbed himself his elder twin sister's personal protector. Even if she didn't want it.


Marcus pulled into the school with a hefty sigh. When he became a teacher he was so happy to be able to help kids that needed it, like his cousins. But working with pompous little shits was getting kind of old. Sure every know and then he help one or two, but they sure as hell dont make it easy, thinking he needs the job so they can push him around when infact he was likely richer then their families. But for some damn reason he keeps coming back. So he turn of his car and entered the school grounds to help students settle in... and also try not to deck one...

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