Thena just drinks the beauty in. She knew she should welcome Julia back, but at the moment Julia wasn't even a memory. She hears the name recalling the room, and another name as well, a roomie. Oh well. She really had no clue on the rest but would check into it. Within ten minutes they were in Shane's room. As soon as the door closes she kisses her deeply as they move toward the bed. Thena falls on top pulling Shane on top one hand pulling at Shane's top. "I really hope this is your bed or your roomie may get bitchy. Oh well, if you must fuck her babe."


Allison knew the school like the back of her hand but was off today. She had an arrangement for a private room. Now there were bags and not hers. Why? Well Lillith hope you like getting audited. She is so spacey she bumps into someone. Looking, she sees the hottest guy ever. New, not a returner though not looking like afresh either."Sorry wasn't looking. Allison." Seeing the Switch she smiles."Though you may know a gamer named Alleycat better." Her head reeled thinking of a recent Conan Exiles encounter. Trying herself and a guy hitting on her. "What are ya playing anyway?"

(sorry on delay between net and the heat it's been chaotic. Crappy memory sucks also.)

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