To the Point

"Damn, cheríe, you get right to the point, don't cha? I like that in a woman." Shane chuckled as she nuzzled Athena's neck, kissing the biting softly. "Your name sound be Aphrodite, my Goddess." Shane growled in her ear before sitting up and pulling off her shirt to nothing underneath. Bending down she grabbed the bottom of Athena's shirt with her teeth and pulled it up and off.


Richard looked up surprised before give a small smile. "No worries, shit happens. I'm Richard, aka Angeliclup the hacker that hacks the hackers." Richard introduced himself with a deep chuckle. "And I do know you tag. As for what I'm play, Pix Ark, the fun new game that's a cross of Minecraft and Ark Survival." He answered leaning his switch for her to see easier.

(No worries!)

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