Lorenzo Clan

The alarm went off early and for Alexa is was a good sound, for Janet not so much. They still had time together though, before Alexa must depart for school. So what better thing to do, then to bug Tommy.

They rush into his room finding him and Madeline in bed together. Time to have fun. ALexa grabs the blankets yanking them down and seeing way more of Tommy then she cared to. "Hey, Tommy, you cold, or is it always so short."

Janet just stares never seeing one before, unsure if what she was feeling was trauma, or arousal. Let's go with traumatized. Then the two grin at each other looking at Madeline.

"You know abut the clinic on Main right. Go there fast and get tested. Cause Tomboy there has all the STDs they ever invented. Then go get your haead examined for sleeping with him to begin with."

Theyt rushback to their room collapsing on Alexa's bed laughing. Then it hits them both and the sound fades. Alexa stands grabbing her bags. "See you at the holidays I guess." They hug not believing for the first time since either can remember they'd be separated. Alexa goes to the limo and is off and the tears start falling on both faces

Tommy is angered by the intrusion and looks at Madeline. "They're full of shit you know. I"m clean, and you should know it by now. Anyway, I must get ready."

He hurries to do so, actually getting in his uniform then heading out. As he gets to the door he meets Duncan who had loaded up his Vette. "Thanks Duncan, keep the ladies happy eh. Flirt with Rita once a day for me, and keep an eye on Janet. Oh, and tell Madeline, we're over. No way am I entering a new school with a girlfriend, the T-Man, must fly solo."

It's then he hears a huge scream as Janet comes barreling down the stairs her camera bag, and luggage in tow and wearing a uniform. As she got closer he notes it's the Skyler one. "You got in?"

Janet looks at him then the drive. "Yes, just got the email. Apparently my letter got lost in the mail. Should've used e-mail to begin with. And I need a ride."

Tommy looks to her then his car. "Hey, I need to fly solo, take an Uber."

Janet goes to the Vette, placing herself inside luggage on top of her lap. He goes to her grabbing the bag tossing it int the trunk then climbs in racing out of the driveway.

He looks at her as he crusies to a meet up he had. "I have one stop first. Once at school you say, you're just some girl I picked up. I'm going by Michaels now. You and Alexa can help me get dates. You ow me after this morning."

She sees the car ahead noting it and recalling it. "Joey, you know if you keep taking that garbage, your thing will indeed shrink."

As he pulls over he flashs a killer grin. "Did it look small to you?" He climbs out then talks to his friend. Soon he comes back with a bag and looks at Janet. "You have to go out with him next summer."

Janet looks to him then leans over the door barfing. "Why?"

Tommy speeds off placing a microcamera on her bag as he does when she's turned. "Cause, I needed a discount and he likes you. Just a date, probably the movies, and going to makeout point."

She would hit him, but at this speed is afraid of dying. "I'm not making out with him. Not Joey P. Donato. Not ever."

Tommy really disliked his family sometimes. "You can do it. Hell, I've made out with tons of babes and I just see it as practice. Afterall you don't want to be married, with no clue what to do right?"

Janet then stares at him. "In our family it's impossible not to know about sex dumbass. And I'd make out with a guy, but not him. He always smells like pot, or cheap cologne. At least give him a bottle of yours."

He smiles then pulls in to the school drive. "Don't see the limo, do you. How did we beat them."

Janet waits till they are parked then looks at him. "Cause you drive like you're in a race."

Tommy laughs then. "It still feels as if we forgot something though."

As he climbs out grabbing the luggage out he thinks of it. "Shit, we forgot Cam."

Janet laughs then. "She slept in the limo dummy. You moan to loud at night with Madeline." She reaches for her bag then.

He stops her wheeling it with his own. "No way, I'm a gentleman at least. Your dorm my lady."

She looks at him then heads to the dorm where the girls are. She notes them looking at him, and recalls what he said. "He's so wild guys. Just watch out for...."

He puts a hand over her mouth then. "Shut up." He sees her room first noting the other name and smiling. "Surprise her, and take a pic. Take your name off that door though. Please, tzake a pic for me." It was Alexa and knew it would blow her mind."

He kisses her head then heads towards his own dorm. He looks around then spots his own room. Going in he takes one look at Tammy and Jack then smiles at Tammy.

"PLease tell me Jack is short for Jacqueline. And they must've got my memo for a co-ed dorm."

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