20 Degrees From Cool

Tammy can't help but stare feeling as if she knew him from somewhere but can't tell from when. She just had a feeling it had something to do with tournaments or something in the field. When he brings up about a prank she wants to laugh but was afraid it would come off as indeed a prank.
She looks at him then smiling. "Well, seeing as I come from out of state, maybe not. Just glad my mom got my stepdouche to let us use his plane. And I know no one here so no pranks."
She listens then it dons why so many guys. Yes, that would indeed explain it. The girls dorm, would most likely have girls. Guys, guys. You never knew anymore though. And again, oh...that's why. She did recall him, she saw him compete once at a tournament her dad judged so it made her ineligible to compete. Then the magazine article, and her taking his...okay, don't say that. Though he was cuter in person, much cuter.
"It would be an honor to be escorted by "Little Dragon" Jack Gomez. I don't know if you recall we met at a tournament a couple of years ago. You may know my dad better. Toby Miller. He was the judge, and I was there when you got your trophy. Sadly, I couldn't compete cause my dad was a judge."

Jack blushed when Tammy recognized him. It had been many months since he met a fan, much less a cute one. He figured he was already forgotten since he retired after loosing his grandfather and dealing with the drama of his mom and new stepfather. As he looked at Tammy he stared at her face and ran the name Toby Miller in his mind a few times. Since he won over two hundred tournaments in just three years he had to sort through a lot of his fights in the manner of a minute. Then it suddenly clicked in as he remembered seeing Tammy and a Toby Miller at one of the US Open tournaments. He found it hard to believe but she got even cuter since then. He was nervously blushing as he replied to her.

Jack: Oh wow you are...………..wow. Small world huh? So you are Mr. Miller's daughter huh? Wow...……..I remember that tournament now. It was like almost two years ago at the U.S. Open ISKA World Martial Arts Championships in Orlando, Florida right? That's when I won the Super lightweight division. Oh man...……….wow I miss those days.

Jack had a hint of sadness in his words and eyes as he looked around his room for something.

Jack: So let me grab my key and I'll show you the girls side.

Jack picked up his key to lock his room as he looked at Tammy.

Jack: So ummmmm…..like I ummmm……….I know it sounds a bit weird for me to know stuff about a school I just arrived at, but I took a quick tour when I got here so I wouldn't get lost. I didn't want you to think I was some perv right off the bat since I know where the girl's dorm is. I kinda found it by accident trying to find the gym. Soooooooo……….do you still practice Karate?

He kisses her head then heads towards his own dorm. He looks around then spots his own room. Going in he takes one look at Tammy and Jack then smiles at Tammy.
"PLease tell me Jack is short for Jacqueline. And they must've got my memo for a co-ed dorm."

Sadly they were interrupted by Thomas as he entered the door. Jack was not to appreciative of Thomas hitting on Tammy right off the bat. He had seen playboys like him in the past and it really irked him they were popular despite being jerks to girls.

Jack: Sorry goldilocks, but I am Jack and I so ain't your type. I already claimed the bed by the window help yourself to the other bed and please keep your mitts off my stuff. However since you seem to be in heat I'll escort my friend here to the girls dorm.

Jack grabbed his keys and hoped Tammy would leave with him since he was clearly not to comfortable with Tommy the player in the same room with Tammy.


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