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Summary: I may be alone, but who said I needed anyone in the first place?


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Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Group: Armored Dinosaurs



Rank in herd, pack or tribe.

No Rank, he lives a lonely life, with a small hypsilodont


The Forests and grasslands.

Physical Appearance

He is a light brown color, and his eyes are a shade of green. He has a scar on his back legs where a carnivore attacked.


Gentle, but socially awkward. He is usually seclusive, but he will protect any friend he does have.

Favorite Food

Blue Seed Bushes


Slightly smarter that other ankylosaurs, but still not very smart


He used to be a member of the great herd, but was banished after a try for dominance. He now resides in the area between the forest and grasslands

Other Information

He has a hidden hatred for Tauricus, because his banishment.

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Image of Ieris
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