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Summary: Hey, do you want to be our friend?


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Gender: Male

Age: Juvenile

Group: Small Ornithopods



Rank in herd, pack or tribe.

No Rank, he lives alone with Ieris


He lives wherever Ieris goes

Physical Appearance

Reddish in color. He has a few scratches from when he was chased by the velociraptor.


He is energetic and excitable. He likes making new friends, and is very curious. He tries to help Ieris make friends as well, but to no avail, yet...

Favorite Food

Yellow Flowers


Above average intelligence


He was abandoned by his parents because he was a runt. He spent his years barely surviving until he ran into Ieris after being chased by a Velociraptor.

Other Information

His favorite color is Yellow

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Image of Mycro
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