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Summary: Do you need help? Let me fly up and look around for you.


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Gender: Female

Age: Young Adult

Group: Pterosaurs



Rank in herd, pack or tribe.

She travels with random groups, pterosaurs have no ranks in their flocks.


She usually lives in the swamp, but travels across the land to Pterosaur Island

Physical Appearance

She has a white belly and a black back. Her face has red on it and her beak is long.


Happy and kind hearted. She likes helping her flock, and any dinosaur who is lost. She easily gets distracted, and that sometimes puts her at risk.

Favorite Food



Average intelligence for a Pterosaur


She was raised by her father after her mother was killed by a Mosasaur. When she grew older, she left the coast and flew inland to the swamp. Which is where she resides now.

Other Information

She often travels to the Pterosaur island, not to breed, but to make friends. Since has yet to meet her perfect mate.

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Image of Pteris
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