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Summary: Stick with me, for I shall be your guide.


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Gender: Male

Age: Adult

Group: Large Carnivores



Rank in herd, pack or tribe.

He has no rank, but he joins other dinosaurs when he travels.


He lives in a small cave, which is in the forest a few miles from the sea.

Physical Appearance

He has a blue back and an light brown underbelly. He has a red face and his left side is coated with scars.


Wise and intimidating. He is respectable around other dinosaurs. He usually joins other travelers and guides them through his territory. He may seem intimidating, but this is far from the case

Favorite Food



Smart for his species


He never speaks of his hatchling life. He claimed his territory after fighting a Ceratosaurus that was trying to catch fish in the area. To this day he has protected it and the dinosaurs within very respectably.

Other Information

He has the ability to remember landmarks and routes. He never gets lost

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Image of Ghosteye
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