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Summary: May the Great Ptera give us good hunts.


Gender: Female

Age: 25

Group: Dinofolk Tribe-kin


Dino folk

Rank in herd, pack or tribe.

Leader of her pack


Travels with the herds of Herbivores that her people hunt

Physical Appearance

Stands 5'6"
Thin compared to the males, though still heavily muscled
One eye missing from a failed iguanodon hunt


Though smaller than the males in her pack, she displays a savagery in battle and the hunt that overshadows the others.
Straight to the point and always on guard, she is seen as a cruel and pitiless person by other tribes.

Favorite Food



Displays average intelligence for her kind.


Born into the savage Shik pack, Hissst was raised to survive, whether on her own or with others. Few in her clutch survived their rigorous up bringing, but those that survived looked up to thier sister with extreme devotion.
Proving a firm leader and an able Hunter, she broke off from her pack when she came of age and formed her own.

Other Information

Her siblings are very close and very protective of each other, her three brother's especially being vicious towards those that offend or attack their leader.

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Image of Hissst
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