This page is for important game rules and additional information that's too long for the game description on the homepage.

Posted by : on Jun 9, 2018, 3:48pm

Game Rules and info

I have many things I wish to write, but I will go as basic as I can.

1. No God-Modding, Just cause your a T-rex, doesn't mean you can kill an Ankylosaur in a single bite, or run 100 miles an hour after an Gallimimid. You have to at least talk about the chase, the fight, and not every hunt is successful.

2. No killing other PC's, unless given direct permission by their owner. So no saying, I found a Iguanadon named Mork, owned by any player (Large Hobbit), and I ate him for fun.

3. Not everyone can be a T-rex, or a Diplodocus. I plan to have limits, which will allow players to discover new dinosaurs, and not be slaughtered by packs of 1 million T-rex PC's. However, small dinosaurs like Troodon and Minmi, I will allow infinite amounts of.

4. If following the herd, or living in it, you must keep up with their motion. If your a Stegosaurus, and you say you take a nap, You need to be prepared if the herd decides to move onwards. Same for predators following the herd for an easy meal, don't fall too far behind, or you won't catch up. Joining the herd is optional, since you are allowed to live allowed solitary life or in a small group, but herd life is safest.

5. You might need to keep up with breeding cycles. If you don't want to have a mate, no problem, but if you do, you must be prepared to attract the mate, guard the eggs, and raise the hatchlings. The herbivores go to the nesting grounds opposite of the desert, the pterosaurs fly to Pterosaur Island, and the carnivores nest anywhere safe.

6. If you choose to become an Dinofolk, remember that you don't have guns, crossbows, or metal weapons. You would live like cavemen, hunting with spears, and living in wooden huts and tent's. However, you have the ability to ride tamed dinosaurs, as well as harvesting and hunting. If you are looking for a good image, look for fantasy characters like Kobold or Lizardfolk that fit the aspect.

I hope these rules don't seem extreme, it seems like a lot. If you have any questions, concerns, or advice, message me and I will be honored to receive it. So let me describe some of the world.

Sauria is a continent, around the size of Asia, that is home to dinosaurs. The land is divided into sections, such as the Grasslands in the center, Swamps to the south, forest to the west, Jungle on the west coast, Desert to the east, a massive mountain range separating it from the swamp, frozen wastelands to the north, nesting site on the east coast, and a ton of islands, including Pterosaur island in the western ocean. There are many lakes in the Grasslands, Forests, and Jungles. The Swamp has an inland sea, similar to the Mediterranean, but only a few feet deep.

If there is anything more you need me to describe, just message me and I can add it.