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The Life's Hunt

Hissst crouched low amongst the bushes, making sure she was downwind from her prey.
A herd of grazers, duck-bills, lazily walked the plain in front of the young Saurian. She slowly lifted her hand, making signals to her hidden hunt-mates.
She gave a final signal, marking the start of the hunt. She began moving stealthily amongst the undergrowth, her smaller size giving her an advantage against the senses of her quarry. Reaching the edge of the treeline that sheltered her, she noted rustling close by and knew all was ready.
She darted forward, her small frame being propelled forward by strong muscles. Her weapon was sheathed, her intention only to startle the herd, which worked perfectly.
The herd leader saw her movements and sounded its call, sending the rest into a panicked frenzy. Many followed the leader in their retreat, while a few sprinted in splintered groups. One caught Hissst's eye, a loner that ran with a heavy limp.
A war cry left her throat as she marked the groups target, giving the signal for three other Lizardfolk to break through the bushes to give chase, Hissst leading the charge.
The duck-bill gave a call of alarm as it saw its pursuers, spurring it to push against its handicap, but to no avail as several spears stabbed into its haunch.
The group laughed as they stripped the carcass of its flesh, the crippled duck bill making the first successful hunt in a week. Something had the herds on edge, giving the Lizardfolk a true reason to smile.
"My brothers, the Great Ptera sees fit to look upon us once more!"
A cheer followed the proclamation, followed by another half-hour of meat stripping.

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