A New Friend

"Eek!" Screeched Mycro, as he was chased through the bushes by a velociraptor. He curved, and twisted, but to no avail. The raptor would be upon him in moments.
"Is this how I go?" He thought to himself.
He kept running, and darted below an edmontonia. The raptor tried to do the same, but the edmontonia laid down, and squished the raptor beneath him. Mycro looked back to see what happened, and joyfully approached the edmontonia.
"Goodness, Thank you!" Stated Mycro with glee.
"Your welcome. My name is Ireis, how about you? He asked.
"I'm Mycro, mind if I stay with you?"
"Why not?" He laughed. And with that, the pair started walking through the woods.

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