Keep Moving (Any Carnivore can interact.)

"Get going!" Bellowed Dharku as the parasaurophus beside him stumbled onto his knees. He swung his spiked tail at the herbivore in anger and it pierced the herbivores leg, causing it to buckle over, and fall into the desert sand.
"Useless." He grumbled.
"How much longer till we reach the nesting site?" He asked as he turned his head back to Tauricus.
"Still another two days." Replied Tauricus, as he tilted his head towards the eastern sunrise.
"Well then, we should move faster."
"Come on you lazy lizards! We left the Oasis less than a few days ago and you are still barely gaining distance!" He shouted out to the herd.

Following the herd, was Shrandus, Shard, and the other four members of their pack. Their feet padded across the sand with grace and gentle smoothness, whereas the rest of the pack were starting to lose energy.
"Nothing has died since we left the oasis, we need something to eat." Begged the Dilophosaurus.
"Yeah, a juvenile iguanadon can't feed a pack of six." Added the Utahraptor.
"Don't worry, we are almost at their nesting site, I have a good feeling." Answered Shard.
"Speak of the Stygymoloch." Laughed Shrandus.
The parasaurolophus cried in pain at his wounded leg, and turned around to watch the carnivores run to him. He didn't keep going, he just lied down, and accepted his fate.
After a moment or two, the pack were feeding on the carcass. Tearing it apart into large chunks, to be swallowed. They were too distracted to notice anot her carnivore standing behind them.

(Speak of the Stygymoloch is a slang term that means, speak of the devil. Since Moloch means devil in Latin.)

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