Flying High

Pteris soared over the vast forest, with plans to arrive at Pterosaur island by dusk. She flapped her great wings as she glided and flew with elegance and grace. Her peacefulness was cut short as she realized how low to the ground she was. Looking down, she saw a group of Dinofolk wielding spears and rocks, ready to launch the projectiles. She tried to flap upwards, but she was too late. The rocks and spears flew upwards from the Dinofolk's hands. They mostly missed her, but a rock tore through her left wing membrane, sending her tumbling downwards. She luckily slowed her descent enough to guide her landing, but she still crashed. Luckily it was a bare patch of grass in the middle of the forest. However, the hit to her head caused her to slowly black out. Soon enough she was laying on the ground unconcious.

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