Song of Lightning

The pair traveled below the shade of the thick canopy, which was home to coniferous and deciduous trees. Ieris cleared the way through the bushes for his new friend to follow on. Mycro barely kept up, even though Ieris was slower. He had just ran from a raptor, and he was much younger than him, which was a problem. The pair remained quiet, until they saw a bright flash of light, followed by a rumbling noise.

"What was that?!" Squeaked Mycro, as he jumped back a foot or so.

"Relax, it's just the lightning singing to us." Chuckled Ieris.

"Song of Lightning huh?" Mycro pondered to himself.

The rain started patterning against the leaves of the trees, and Mycro ran under Ieris for cover. They kept walking with hopes that they would either find a cave, or the storm will pass by quickly. Only time will tell.

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